Internet of things
    Stork is definitely an performant, reliable, scalable message broker. Connect, monitor and control an almost unlimited variety of Internet of Things assets running on the broad pair of systems to jumpstart your web of products project. You can use Stork to send out any level of data, at any degree of throughput, without losing messages or requiring other services being always available.

    message carrier

    Stork has been built to handle around 1 million devices and extreme (around 20k msg/sec) message throughput (per broker). Our engineers are working passionately to boost the best-in-class performance of Stork by further extending the extraordinary stability & speed in mission-critical MQTT deployments. Built with a shared- nothing architecture, you are able to deploy an infinite number of Stork brokers to achieve unrivalled performance.


    Stork was made for mission-critical/carrier-grade deployments using the highest security requirements. Authentication and authorization are important elements of the secure MQTT deployment and several of the extremely advanced security mechanisms are supported to be able to protect your business from malicious MQTT clients. Obviously all state-of-the-art security standards like SSL/TLS are supported to help keep your data safe while being moved to and from the Stork broker.

    By providing the server and MQTT client library, Stork makes it possible to manage data from a virtually unlimited number of connected objects plus your back-end framework. Retrieve real-time bi-directional data through Stork and make use of any MQTT client library to integrate with nearly all kinds of connected devices. Get access to every one of the back-end functionality forced to run even large-scale and mission-critical Internet of products solutions. As well as device interoperability and failure-proof connectivity, Stork handles data consistency and security across all connected objects.

    Stork lets you freely scale up or customise the framework to fulfill the requirements your product or service.

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